I now pronounce you man and *record scratch* ANIME BODY PILLOW?!?!

mothwizard replied to your post “i found a hank hill mask printout”

the only thing you need to wear during sex ever

lovin the new mobile theme. i think it’s a good look for me.


I’m holding out for the 8 bit/16 bit retro revival fad to end and the ps1 massive 3d polygon graphics retro revival to start




Hey everyone,

My dad has recently started a kickstarter in order to fund “a garden and sculpture space geared towards the blind and visually impaired.”  His goal is to create an environment for the blind and visually impaired citizens of Central New York to enjoy art through textures, sounds, and aromas.  There are no plans to charge for admission and all funds raised will go towards improving garden beds, pathways, and overall accessibility to the area.  While the main goal of this kickstarter is to raise money, we are also looking for any new ideas or thoughts that could help improve the space.  You can find a lot more information through the above link including a video giving a general overview of the project.  image

i found a hank hill mask printout

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in the end this is all i’ll be known for


Making people who want sketches draw what they want me to draw first. Keeps it fun for me, and stressful for them!




i hate this